Video J.Viewz – “Salty Air”

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Salty Air by J. Viewz featuring the soulful vocals of Noa Lembersky is included in the album “Rivers and Homes.” which is released this week. If the song sounds familiar to you its probably because of its use in the recent Hale Berry TV commercial for Revlon

The video, directed by Shelly Carmel is an ode to the lazy days of summer and love.


Finally, This city shines above me,
A golden shine,
Kissing your burnt skin,
Kissing your burnt skin.

Quietly, This afternoon got endless.
It’s the sweetest sound – of you turning a
page beside me,
And then there is no story,
No, no.

Quite a way, till we found this pace.
The closer we are – the slower the dance.
Salty Air , and the wind wants back,

Time to be moving slower.
And when it shines – it shines,
And you’re around me,
You, turn me higher.

P 2010 Jonathan Dagan