Video “Neu Chicago” – Clive Tanaka Y Su Orquesta

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Neu Chicago comes from Jet Set Siempre 1º, the first album from Clive Tanaka.

The ever elusive and previously Zoned In Clive Tanaka has a beautiful stop-motion, partial 3-D video for “Neu Chicago”. Made by Tall Corn label-mate Brandon Domer of Kilroy with clay, action figures, and those sponges stuffed in capsules that turn into dinosaurs, the video (and song) was inspired by the serial 1939 film “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”.

Offering some rare insight on his own work and creative process, Tanaka explains that, “Buck Rogers is an astronaut who’s life support systems aboard Ranger 3 accidentally froze him in orbit in 1987 and reawaken some 500 years later in 2491. Shortly after his freezing, Earth is all but destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. Buck returns to the capital of Earth Defense Directorate in New Chicago, the domed inner part of Chicago that was rebuilt after the war. There, he meets Colonel Wilma Deering and they begin to fancy each other. Buck is lonely because everyone he knew and loved are long dead and Wilma, it seems, has been waiting for Buck her entire life… In the studio, people often have fun with song titles and changing labels. Someone in the orchestra thought it would be funny to label the reel Neu Chicago instead of New Chicago because it sounded nothing like Neu! I like the neu name so much that it stuck.” Ric Leichtung, Altered Zones