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Wave Machines “Ill Fit” Out Now

WAVE MACHINES are a four piece alt rock band from Liverpool, England. Their Neapolitan Music 4 track EP “Ill-Fit”, produced by Lexx (Bjork), has just been released and is available for licensing from MUSIC2 Licensing.

The full album “Pollen” will be released early 2013.

Ill Fit” is a song that was influenced by the fuzzy moment right before you make a decision to do something right or wrong, justifiable or unjustifiable. This notion is strengthened further by the jerking tension of the bassline which is built underneath the asymmetrical jarring of Tim Bruzon‘s vocals. This tension is a tangible representation of the story Wave Machines are trying to create for their audience. It’s almost as if lead vocalist Tim Bruzon (who has a serious Prince-sque vibe about him) is caught up in the very music he turns to for consolement”  RIPE

LISTEN – Ill Fit Here

WATCH – lll Fit Video Here

WATCH – Counting Birds – from Pollen Video Here

WATCH – The award winning Keep The Lights On from 2009’s Wave If You’re Really There Here

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